Features & benefits

  • Secure platform

    Cadencie delivers end-to-end card management services via its robust and secure platform: Cadencie Core provides User security, reporting and business tools for business to respond quickly to market opportunities; Cadencie Acquiring manages the complete merchant life cycle from account establishment through to settlement; Cadencie Issuing incorporates card management, customer services, authorisation, clearing and settlement, dispute management, billing, statements, collections, and risk management; and Cadencie Payment Hub provides real-time transaction processing and secure connectivity to core banking systems, other switch networks, all international schemes and ATMs and POS networks.

  • Full life cycle issuing and acquiring

    Cadencie™ Acquiring
    Provides online and offline real time transaction processing with full back office support for credit, debit and other forms of card payment – managing the complete merchant life cycle from account establishment through to settlement.

    Cadencie™ Issuing
    Provides full online and offline transaction processing and all the functions expected of a fully-integrated back office card processing system – incorporating card management, customer services, authorisation, clearing and settlement, billing statements, collections, and risk management.

    Cadencie supports issuing of credit and debit cards including:

    • Domestic and International cards
    • Revolving Credit cards
    • Business and Corporate cards
    • Prepaid and Gift cards including multicurrency Travel cards
    • Loyalty cards
    • Virtual cards for internet usage
    • Private Label and non (embossed) personalized cards
    • Charge Cards
    • Chip cards and Contactless cards




  • Modular implementation

    You can choose to implement the acquiring module or the issuing module, or both. Regardless of the chosen module/s, all include: system controls, security and interchange & financial transaction processing.

  • Customer centric

    Cadencie lets you use customer queries and other points of contact to leverage stronger customer relationships. The customer-centric design allows you to view the total customer relationship at a glance across all cards and accounts.

  • Third-party integration

    The Payment Hub provides a fast and secure way to link to any third party via a switch and is compliant with ISO8583 security. International card schemes can be connected directly to the Payment Hub along with existing retail schemes, core banking systems, ATMs, POS and mobile networks.

  • Risk management

    Real-time processing and financial integrity with daily balancing, providing effective risk management. Fraud alerts are generated for both issuer and acquirer in real time and near real time.

  • Compliance

    Cadencie is fully certified and kept certified with international card schemes mandates including EMV and contactless, as well as the emerging domestic card scheme standards, e.g., EFTPOS, RuPay, NSICCS, MCCS, etc. Scheme requirements – such as product rules, merchant category types, interchange management, and qualification for particular services – can be met simply by setting parameter screens. In addition, Cadencie complies with the Payment Card Industry Payment Application – Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

  • Low operational costs

    Internal IT and operational support ensure costs are kept low due to the solution’s business enablement, highly automated system. Cadencie™ can run commodity servers and is scalable to meet your needs as your business grows.

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