Fast checkout experiences both online and in-store

Wirecard offers merchants a quick and easy way to integrate Apple Pay: The Wirecard Mobile Payment SDK, which offers a seamless user experience.

Apple Pay allows people to make payments using their iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and Apple Watch. They simply enter their debit or credit card information into Apple Wallet and then use their device to make payments in participating mobile apps, online shops and stores. Transactions are confirmed with the device owner’s fingerprint. 

Once merchants make Apple Pay available, customers can benefit from all the associated usability and security advantages. Because the actual card number is not visible at any point in the transaction, merchants don’t have to worry about managing and securely storing customers’ payment card information. Transactions are authorised with a unique number which is used by the device account number. Instead of the security code on the back of the card, Apple Pay generates a dynamic security code to guarantee the security of every transaction. In addition, consumers don’t need to open Apple Pay or unlock their device to make a contactless payment at checkout. And in mobile apps, they can simply use their fingerprint to complete a purchase – no need to enter their billing information. 

Apple Pay is easy to set up and users will continue to receive all of the rewards and benefits offered by credit and debit cards. Apple Pay supports payment cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and China Union Pay.