Fraud prevention through intelligent risk management

Timely fraud prevention through automated fraud detection

Wirecard offers risk management systems that enable you to reduce and prevent payment defaults. Our solutions can identify suspicious transactions before they are completed. This enables instances of manipulation to be identified as they occur and minimises fraud-related payment defaults. They also reduce false positives, situations where regular transactions are incorrectly labelled as suspicious.

Individual modules for fraud prevention and simple integration

Wirecard fraud prevention combines automated trained individual modules such as analytics, simulations, rule processing and case management for individual fraud prevention, and is naturally PCI-compliant. Furthermore, no separate interface is required, as the existing API interface can be directly used for fraud prevention.

Fraud prevention from Wirecard: maximum security for your payments

Real-time evaluation through analytics

Using analysis logics, transactions are assessed in real time and fraud patterns are identified automatically. This enables evaluations regarding whether the transaction is declined or approved to be checked on an individual basis. In addition, new modified fraud patterns are automatically included in the existing assessment logics and also reduce the risk of incorrectly classified instances of fraud.

Industry-specific assessment logics for fraud prevention

Wirecard supports the prevention methods established by credit card companies, 3D Secure and AVS. We also offer industry- and merchant-specific assessment logics. The main e-commerce industries include digital goods, tourism and consumer goods, in particular. This enables you to set up your own individual rules tailored to your specific business needs and work processes. We check against blacklists or time-based transaction and amount limits, and also compare the order location and country of issue of the card.

Web-based reporting area

Using web-based application software for transaction management and reporting, case data can be displayed and checked for details in common. Reporting provides comprehensive case-based information from automated assessment logics. Furthermore, individual assessment logics can be defined and business-specific factors taken into account and adapted.

Fraud prevention – benefits at a glance

  • Automated international fraud detection in real time
  • Modular customisable solutions
  • Simple system integration through existing interface
  • Minimised payment defaults due to fraud
  • Continuous real-time adaptation of fraud logics
  • Specific solutions for the main e-commerce industries: consumer goods, tourism/air travel and digital goods
  • PCI-compliant
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