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Powered by The Paypers | 30-11-16 | Mobile Payment
According to eMarketer, proximity mobile payment transactions are expected to equal USD 314.13 billion by 2020. In 2016, 38.4 million Americans of 14 age and over will have used their mobile phones to pay at the point-of-sale at least once in the... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 16-11-16 | E-Commerce
Consumers are reported to become more and more comfortable doing cross-border online shopping, according to a recent global research from Pitney Bowes. The research found that while 94% shop online within their own home markets, two-thirds (66%)... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 16-11-16 | Issuing, Aquiring / Cards
Transport for London (TfL) has announced that all black cabs are now using contactless technology, letting passengers pay for any journey using a compatible credit or debit card. In February 2016, TfL announced it would require all black cab drivers... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 16-11-16 | Mobile Payment
The mobile payment transaction volume is likely to register a compounded growth rate of over 90% and reach INR 153 billion by FY22 in India, a recent study shows. Mobile payment transaction value in India is also likely to register over 150% CAGR... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 16-11-16 | Regulatory requirements
A Government minister has confirmed that the UK will implement Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), despite the intention of leaving the EU. The plan is to look later at how the Government can help British organisations with data... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 16-11-16 | Online & Mobile Banking
Mobile banking users number is estimated to reach 2 billion by 2021, representing 1/3 of global adult population. New research from Juniper Research finds that over 2bn mobile users will have used their devices for banking purposes by the end of... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 25-10-16 | Mobile Payment
Digital wallets have become an important tool for the ecommerce sector and they also provide opportunities for financial institutions to improve and deepen their customer relationships. According to a study conducted by Mahindra Comviva and Aite... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 25-10-16 | Retail / POS
The gap between ecommerce and physical commerce has shrinked in 2016, as retailers seek to leverage better fulfillment options, local advertising tools, offline attribution and omnichannel tools. This conclusion is provided by a new eMarketer... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 25-10-16 | Online & Mobile Banking
Global digital payment volumes continue to increase, with annual growth projected to top 10% for the first time to reach 426.3 billion transactions in 2015, up from the record-setting 8.9% growth in 2014 (387.3 billion transactions), a recent... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 25-10-16 | E-Commerce
In spite of the fact that traditional retailing have a significant market share in the global retail market, ecommerce has gained considerable traction since 2011. According to Technavio, a market research company, the B2C ecommerce space is the... See more

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