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Powered by the paypers | 24-07-17 |
A new research published by Signicat has shown that European eID schemes provide 69% of ID information needed to digitally apply for financial services. According to “The Rise of Digital Identities” report, financial institutions are missing a vital... See more
Powered by the paypers | 24-07-17 | E-Commerce
A new reports has revealed that ecommerce in Europe is enjoying fast growth and is expected to hit the EUR 602 billion mark in 2017. The ecommerce market in Europe is expected to be worth around EUR 602 billion in 2017, a 14% increase from 2016,... See more
Powered by the paypers | 24-07-17 | Online & Mobile Banking
A J.D. Power survey has revealed that ease of use is a key differentiator among mobile banking apps. The J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Banking App and U.S. Credit Card App Satisfaction Studies measures overall satisfaction with mobile banking and credit card... See more
Powered by the paypers | 24-07-17 | E-Commerce
Amazon has invested an additional USD 260 million into its India business to prepare for the holiday shopping season. The Dussehra and Diwali festivals held in autumn will kick-off the Indian shopping season, which will intensify competition between... See more
Powered by the paypers | 24-07-17 | E-Commerce
The eMarketer’s latest UK retail ecommerce forecast has revealed an increase in smartphone use to buy goods and services in the UK. The new study shows that 58.6% of the country’s digital buyers ages 14 and older, accounting for 25.17 million... See more
Powered by the paypers | 22-06-17 | Supply Chain Finance
Asian Development Bank (ADB) has illustrated the way in which Supply Chain Finance (SFC) can help the development of SMEs in Asean countries. According to Asean SME Agencies Working Group (Asean SMWG), Southeast Asian small and medium size... See more
Powered by the paypers | 22-06-17 | Regulatory requirements
The European Commission has proposed a new law to lift geoblocking of ecommerce customers from EU countries, eliminate discriminatory prices and upgrade cross-border delivery. The first item on the new law is to eliminate geoblocking for customers... See more
Powered by the paypers | 22-06-17 | Issuing, Aquiring / Cards
Payments via cards have registered USD 257.17 billion purchase transactions at merchants, up to 13.3% on 2016, Nilson Reports states. The report also uncovers the fact that worldwide card purchase volume for goods and services has increased up to... See more
Powered by the paypers | 22-06-17 | Retail / POS
Performance Motors Limited (PML), a Singapore-based BMW cars and motorcycles dealer, has launched a new mPOS system powered by Wirecard. The new mobile POS system is fully certified by Visa and Mastercard. PML customers who visit the BMW Service... See more
Powered by the paypers | 22-06-17 | Risk Management
European Commission has launched a blockchain project called DECODE to develop practical alternatives to how we manage our information on the internet. The objective of DECODE, ‘DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem’, is to give individuals... See more

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