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Powered by The Paypers | 20-09-16 | E-Commerce
eMarketer has estimated that worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach USD 1.915 trillion in 2016, in a new report, ‘Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales: The eMarketer Forecast for 2016’. eMarketer includes sales across all retail channels in its... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 20-09-16 | E-Commerce
In 2016, ecommerce sales conducted via mobile devices in Germany, second only to the UK, will be worth USD 19.14 billion, up 40.8% from 2015, and account for 33.2% of the country\'s retail ecommerce sales, a recent reserch study reveals. Moreover,... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 20-09-16 | Risk Management, Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud
Biometrics has gained an upper hand as the security mechanism most preferred by mobile app developers, a recent report unveils. According to a recent Evans Data survey of mobile application developers, security is their top concern and biometric... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 20-09-16 | Issuing, Aquiring / Cards
Payment cards are the most popular payment method among Swedish ecommerce customers, according to a recent research study. More than half of Swedish consumers (54%) prefer to use their card when they are ready to pay online. Another popular payment... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 20-09-16 | Supply Chain Finance, E-invoicing
European e-invoicing service providers have reported a significant growth of 27% and over 1 ¼ billion processed e-invoices in 2015. 1252 million electronic invoices were processed and delivered in 2015 by members of the European E-Invoicing Service... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 18-08-16 | Issuing, Aquiring / Cards
Visa has reported 326.8 million chip cards in the US in June 2016, outrunning the number of people who are living in the country. The US added more than 100.000 chip-enabled merchant locations in June 2016, bringing the total to 1.3 million, or... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 18-08-16 | Supply Chain Finance
Australia could be running on a unified, national standard for electronic invoicing after a joint private-public council approved the final framework for implementation. The standard is a result of a push by the Australian Tax Office, which jumped... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 18-08-16 | E-Commerce
One third of all UK online orders in the aftermath of Brexit referendum were international deliveries, IMRG, an online UK retail association, figures suggest. The June IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index shows that in June 2016, 27% of all orders were... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 19-07-16 | Regulatory requirements
US, European and Chinese regulators have said they will jointly enforce product safety in online commerce. They pledged to watch online sales more closely, make it easier to track products to their manufacturer and to cooperate in product recalls.... See more
Powered by The Paypers | 19-07-16 | Risk Management
In 2015, the Australian B2C ecommerce market increased by 15.7%, whereas in 2014 it grew by 11.4%, according to a new report released by the Ecommerce Foundation. It is estimated that the growth rate will decrease in 2016, the same source indicates.... See more

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