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Powered by the paypers | 25-05-18 | Risk Management
A research released by Unisys has revealed that Europeans are open to federated identification and 51% of consumers would share biometric data to improve their online security. Surveying more than 3,500 Europeans across seven countries in Europe,... See more
Powered by the paypers | 25-05-18 | E-Commerce
Research from Brick Meets Click (BMC) has revealed that online grocery sales will grow at 13% each year, outperforming the 1.3% CAGR expected in-store.   Online grocery sales are expected to reach more than 8% by the end of 2022, according to BMC,... See more
Powered by the paypers | 25-05-18 | E-Commerce
A new study from Bazaarvoice has named social media and visual content as two of the most important factors in driving ecommerce growth.   The Shopper Experience Index, from Bazaarvoice, examines how consumers are engaging and interacting with more... See more
Powered by the paypers | 25-05-18 | Mobile Payment
Mobile payment has become more popular in China`s rural areas, according to a report by People`s Bank of China (PBOC). Transactions through non-banking mobile payment services totaled CNH 42.9 trillion (USD 6.77 trillion) in rural areas in 2017, the... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-04-18 | Regulatory requirements
The Guardian: Amazon, Google and Facebook may be the focus of a new EU tax proposal on digital companies who profit from user data or digital advertising in a country.  The European Commission wants to impose a 3% tax on tech companies who make... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-04-18 | Supply Chain Finance
In a report issued by GTR, a blockchain initiative has brought cryptocurrencies to the commodity financing space, providing USD 10 million-worth of loans to 50,000 smallholder farmers in Africa. The project is run collaboratively between Block... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-04-18 | E-Commerce
The ecommerce in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland has reached over EUR 20.6 billion in 2017, with almost 40% of the total Nordic ecommerce revenue being generated in Sweden. These numbers are calculated by PostNord after it asked 92,000... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-03-18 | Mobile Payment
Ecommerce mobile sales have started to dominate the online business for the retailers with a successful shopping app, according to the latest commerce report from Criteo. Retailers that have both mobile sites and apps are seeing, on average,... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-03-18 | E-Commerce
Online retail sales in Saudi Arabia are forecasted to surpass the UAE by 2020, according to a report from yStats. Factors favourable to the growth of B2C ecommerce are the advanced infrastructure, the high connectivity rates and the youth-oriented... See more
Powered by the paypers | 23-03-18 | E-Commerce
As the Year of the Dog begins, we look at what and where Chinese shoppers buy during the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a time of celebration but also a great opportunity to buy gifts for loved ones back home in China or abroad. In recent... See more

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