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25-01-19 |
According to Shanghai’s branch of People’s Bank of China, Hema stores have started to accept cash after a long run of exclusive electronic payments. This has reportedly been a mass phenomenon in China, considering that, since July 2018, China’s... See more
25-01-19 |
According to a recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum, the United Arab Emirates ecommerce market value is expected to reach USD 27.2 billion by 2020. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are expected to account for 40% of total ecommerce in... See more
25-01-19 |
In the current payments environment, the customer experience is a concept on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Behind the endeavours made in order to keep the customer base engaged and growing, there is a lot of innovation on the technological part.... See more
25-01-19 |
At the dawn of 2019, online and mobile channel use continues to grow rapidly across the globe, consumers are increasingly demanding the ability to make purchases in a personalized and secure way, and retailers are working hard to expand their digital... See more

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