Wirecard Employee Page

Dear Colleagues,

Seventeen years ago, Wirecard started pushing the boundaries and making a name for itself in the competitive world of finance technology. Now, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading providers in this industry worldwide. And this is your success!

Therefore, we want to say Thank you - to all of our highly driven and qualified team members who have made this dream a reality. 

We are excited to introduce our new Employee Event page where you can find all the latest news about upcoming events as well as register online.

These events cannot only be seen as an opportunity to network further within the Wirecard community, but also as a time to relax and decompress.

Markus Braun, Burkhard Ley and Jan Marsalek

For any Questions feel free to ask Heidi Thiede, Internal Communications Manager (Heidi.Thiede (at) wirecard.com / phone: 089-4424-1426)