Thank you for attending Wirecard’s Exchange Day!


In your goody bag you have received a prepaid card, which is a product from our issuing portfolio of Corporate Payout Cards. /Link:

And as a thank you for your participation, perhaps a coffee on us? 

The card is loaded with 15 EUR for you to spend. You just need to activate the card and experience how easy it is to use. The Wirecard portfolio offers you your own corporate branded card – for hassle-free loading of Corporate Spends, Sales Incentives, Payroll payments, Employee Benefit Payments and related. You can even decide to use either our Portal or our APIs to create cards and instantly load cards. 

So, register your card now to allow you to test. And we do hope it is OK for us to contact you afterwards and listen how you experienced the sign in?

Please submit if OK to get in touch!