Sign up for the Wirecard team at B2Run 2018

Join us at the starting line. On Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 30,000 people from around 1,500 companies will again participate in the corporate B2Run and run together through the Olympic Park into the Olympic Stadium. We at Wirecard will be there too, of course!

Tread new paths with us. Come out from behind your desks and share a special cross-divisional sporting experience. Run like an Olympian into the Munich Olympic Stadium with the company of the future emblazoned on your shirt. One team, one goal and a whole lot of fresh air.

All our participants will receive their own T-shirt with an original Wirecard design. There are two race categories for the ambitious runners among you: awards are presented for individual and team performances.

Our own Wirecard patron is Rainer Wexeler, Director at Wirecard Bank, who might also slip on his running shoes and take up the challenge.


I’m a passionate runner and, for me, running is more than a sport. It’s a mindset, the feeling of being able to shape your life dynamically and freely. And that’s what Wirecard is about too – always forging ahead, into the future full of energy. 

Rainer Wexeler, Director at Wirecard Bank

Registration is closed as the Wirecard team is now full. But we will be happy to see you as a fan at B2Run.